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We support local nonprofits across Europe to provide access to coding and digital skills for the next generation of young Europeans.

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Published on 06.11.2019 More than 56,000 participants across Europe! 21,5 percent of Meet & Code participants learn to program for the first time with an ambitious 77 percent of students requesting to learn more. #meetandcode #SAP
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Published on 21.10.2019 You are amazing! We would like to thank all Meet and Code events’ organizers for your creativity and engagement! YOU ROCK! #meetandcode #SAP
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Published on 04.10.2019 Kick-Off for Meet and Code 2019 October 5, Code Week starts - two weeks celebration of creativity, problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. Join Meet and Code events! #Code Week
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This year we have already supported 1221 events in 25 European countries. Click the blue icon on the map to learn more about workshops planned for the EU Code Week 2019.

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